Angelina Jolie Parents- Movies, Net worth, Kids

Angelina Jolie most popular celebrity on the planet. However, what many People don’t know about her parents. Her father is Jon Voight is also a famous celebrity, and mother Marcheline Bertrand also established a successful career as an actress and humanitarian. Keep reading for all the details…

Who Are Angelina Jolie’s Parents?

Angelina Jolie’s parents are entertainers Jon Voight and the late Marcheline Bertrand. They probably won’t have a similar sort of whiz status as their little girl yet the two of them are very renowned in their time. Angelina’s dad Jon Voight, who is presently 84 years of age(December 29, 1938), has been an extremely fruitful entertainer in his vocation of very nearly sixty years. Her mom Marcheline Bertrand was additionally an entertainer yet she was known something else for her helpful work.

The two got married on December 12, 1971, and experienced a premature delivery the next year. In 1973, they were honored with a child, James Haven, who is presently an actor and producer. After two years, they had Angelina Jolie. Scarcely a year after Jolie’s introduction to the world, Bertrand and Voight separeted in 1976 because of Voight’s betrayal. Bertrand sought legal separation in 1978, and this was settled in 1980.


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 Angelina Jolie’s Father – Jon Voight

Jon is most popular for being an entertainer. He is Born in (December 29, 1938 ,age 84 years) Yonkers, NY, He broke out on the scene with his job as would-be gigolo Joe Buck in the 1969 film Midnight cowboy. He was Nominated for an academy award for the role and it drove him to numerous both er effective movies and TV series all through the 1970s. Some of them incorporate 1972’s Deliverance, 1978’s Coming home, for which he won an academy award for his Charecter as a paraplegic Vietnam veteran, 1979’s The Champ.

He additionally proceeded to show up in famous highlights like 1985’s Runaway Train, 1993’s The Rainbow Warrior, 1995’s Heat, 1996’s Mission: Impossible, 1997’s The Rainmaker, and 1998’s Enemy of the State. He kepat on driving a fruitful acting vocation all through the 2000s with roles in 2001’s Ali and Pearl Harbor, and took on a customary job on the TV series Beam Donovan from 2013 until 2020. 

Angelina Jolie Parents
Angelina Jolie Parents

With regards to his own life, Jon wedded without precedent for 1962. It was to entertainer Lauri Peters, whom he met when they cooperated on the Broadway Production of The Sound of Music. They separated in 1967 and he marrie Angelina’s mom Marcheline in 1971. They had Angelina’s sibling James Shelter in 1973 and  afterward Angelina in 1975 preceding choosing to isolate in 1976. They sought legal separation in 1978 and it was finished by 1980. Although Jon hasn’t remarried since divorcing Marcheline, he has dated various women over the years, including Linda Morand, Stacey Pickren, Rebecca De Mornay, Eileen Davidson, Barbra Streisand, Nastassja Kinski and Diana Ross.

Jon and Angelina stood out as truly newsworthy when it was realized they were alienated for various years all through tahe 2000s because of grinding between them. Jon communicated worry for herself as well as her psycholo gical well-being in the media however Angelina implied that his supposed unfaithfulness during his union with her mom added battles between them.

Angelina’s dream about being an entertainer blurred as  she tracked down herself, at 26 years old, bringing up two youngstsers with a renowned ex who might stir up misgivings about her life. After she passed on, I tracked down a video of her acting in a short film. She was great. It was all feasible for her.”
In 2010, after Marcheline’s passing, Angelina’s spouse Brad Pitt allegedly urged her to accommodate with her dad for their kids. “He’s been truly adept at under standing they required their granddad at this time, ”she told Vanity Fair of her father in 2017. “I had to do a therapy meeting last night and he was just around. He knows kind of the rule—don’t make them play with you. Just be a cool grandpa who’s creative, and hang out and tell stories and read a book in the library.”

Acting Career

Voight became keen on acting subsequent to taking part in a school melodic while going to Diocese supervisor Stepinac Secondary School. After school, he went through proper preparation in acting under the tutelage of Sanford Meisner. He finished the tasks at the Local Playhouse School of the Theater. The Academy Award-winning jon became well known towards the finish of the 1960s. His role as Joe Buck in film Midnight Cowboy(1969) was selected for an Oscar. He proceeded to win the Academy Award for Best Entertainer for his depiction of a paraplegic conflict veteran in Coming home(1978).

Academy Awards, USA

  • 2002 Nominee Oscar. Best Actor in a Supporting Role. Ali.
  • 1986 Nominee Oscar. Best Actor in a Leading Role. Runaway Train.
  • 1979 Winner Oscar. Best Actor in a Leading Role. Coming Home.
  • 1970 Nominee Oscar. Best Actor in a Leading Role. Midnight Cowboy.

Angelina Jolie mom –  Marcheline Bertrand

Angelina Jolie’s mother Marcheline was known as an entertainer. She was born (May 9, 1950) in  Blue Island, Illinois, and she later concentrated on acting with Lee Strasberg who established The Entertainer’s Studio. She showed up in little jobs in just a modest bunch of highlights, including an episode of the 1971 TV series Ironside, 1982’s Lookin’ to Get Out, and The One Who Cherished Ladies in 1983. She zeroed in a ton on philanthropic work and established the All Clans Establishment with her accomplice John Trudell. The establishment attempted to help the social and monetary endurance of Local people groups and by 2007, they gave more than $800,000 in awards to reservation-based programs that work to reinforce ancestral lifestyles and protect a future for Local people group.

Angelina Jolie Parents
Angelina Jolie Parents

In the wake of being determined to have ovarian malignant growth in 1999, she and John likewise established the Give Love Give Life association to bring issues to light of ovarian and other gynecological disease through music. The association held a couple of shows for the purpose and established a seriously enduring connection even after Marcheline in the long run died in the wake of fighting both ovarian and bosom disease in 2007.

Jon was Marcheline’s just spouse in her life. After they were legitimately isolated, she began a relationship with narrative movie producer Bill Day and it went on for quite some time. She then, at that point, proceeded to date extremist and artist John, with whom she established her altruistic associations.

Since Marcheline’s mom and sister likewise passed on from malignant growth, Angelina involved the information and experience as a method for being proactive with her own wellbeing. She chose to have an elective prophylactic twofold mastectomy after she went through hereditary screening and discovered that she had a major gamble of creating bosom disease because of the change of the BRCA1 quality.

Angelina composed a contacting paper about her mom and what she meant for her life for the New York Times in May 2020 and it incorporated a great deal of clashing disclosures about their relationship and about ladies overall. “At the point when I think back to that time, I can perceive how much her demise transformed me,” she composed.

The actress continued, saying how she’s grown to relate to her mom. “With my girls growing up and being the ages I remember so well as a daughter, I am rediscovering my mother and her spirit,” Angeline wrote, referring to her own daughters Zahara, Shiloh, and Vivienne, in the essay. “She was a girl who danced all night on the Sunset Strip and loved rock ‘n’ roll. She was a woman who loved, even after loss, and never lost her grace and her smile.”

Acting Career

Bertrand prepared with Lee Strasberg, the organizer behind The Entertainer’s Studio, during the early long periods of her acting profession. She assumed a little part in the Program Ironside in 1971. About 10 years after the fact, she showed up in a film that featured Jon Voight, Lookin’ to Get Out.

In 1983, Bertrand joined the cast of The One Who Cherished Ladies, which was a redo of a prior French film of a similar title. This would be Bertrand’s last acting position before she totally directed her concentration toward creating. That very year, she laid out Woods Street Creations with Bill Day. A lot later, Bertrand would be the leader maker of Trudell, a narrative that includes crafted by her accomplice, John Trudell.

Humanitarian Work

Bertrand had been extremely dynamic in different philanthropic endeavors. Along with her accomplice, John Trudell, she established the All Clans Establishment, which means to inspire the monetary and social endurance of Local clans. In 2003, they held an advantage show, along with the Unified Countries High Official for Outcasts. The objective was to raise assets for Afghan ladies outcasts.

Personal Life

Jon Voight was the only man that Bertrand married. After the finalization of their divorce in 1980, Bertrand lived with the documentary filmmaker Bill Day and the relationship lasted 11 years. During her later years, Bertrand was in a relationship with the poet, musician and fellow humanitarian, John Trudell.

Bertrand was a Roman Catholic, which is also how she raised her children. However, she did not require them to attend church. Bertrand battled with ovarian and breast cancer for almost eight years, succumbing to the disease in 2007 when she was only 56 years old. 


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Top 10 movies of Angelina Jolie

1. True Women (1997)

Action, Adventure, Biography (Rating: 6.6)

6. Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005)

Action, Comedy, Crime  (Rating: 6.5)

2. George Wallace (1997)

Biography, Drama (Rating: 7.1)

7. Changeling (2008)

R | 141 min | Biography, Crime, Drama  (Rating: 7.8)

3. Gia (1998 TV Movie)Biography, Drama, Romance (Rating: 6.9)


8. The Tourist (I) (2010)

Action, Thriller  (Rating: 6)

4. Playing by Heart (1998)

Comedy, Drama, Romance  (Rating: 7)

9. Maleficent (2014)

Fantasy/Adventure (Rating: 6.9)

5. Girl, Interrupted (1999)

Biography, Drama  (Rating: 7.3)

10. By the Sea (2015)

Romance/Drama (Rating: 5.3)



Angelina Jolie net worth?

Angelina Jolie net worth is  $120 million.

Who is Angelina Jolie’s partner now?

Angelina Jolie Married 3 times – 

Jonny Lee Miller (1996–1999),

Billy Bob Thornton ( 2000–2003),

Brad Pitt (2014–2019).

Is Angelina Jolie an Indian?

On her father’s side, Jolie is of German and Slovak descent, while her mother was of French-Canadian ancestry. Jolie has claimed to have partial Indigenous (Iroquois) ancestry.

Angelina Jolie kids?

Angelina Jolie has three biological children–   Shiloh(May 27, 2006 ), vienne( 12 July 2008), Knox ( 12 July 2008)

three adopted children –  Maddox in 2002,  Zahara in 2005,  Pax in 2007. 


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