Tornado of terror – Tatsumaki, Powers, Biography

A hero just for fun Saitama is a lead character in “One-Punch Man” Japanese anime series, in  episode 6  of the One-Punch Man anime series we see a character called “Tornado of Terror” (tatsumaki).

Who is Tornado of terror?

“One-Punch Man” is a Japanese anime series created by One and its subsequent manga adaptation illustrated by Yusuke Murata.

“Tornado of Terror” real name is Tatsumaki and this is her hero alias name. Tatsumaki was born with psychic powers and she was taken away by scientists at the age of seven, to test her powers. She is the S-Class Rank 2 professional hero of the Hero Association. She is recognized as one of the Hero Association’s most powerful female character. Sh e is an esper and the more seasoned sister and self-pronounced educator of Fubuki. tatsumaki and her sister are known as the Psychic Sisters.

Real Name Tatsumaki
Level S-Class
Rank 2
Age 28
Power Psychokinesis
  Name Tornado of Terror
Family Fubuki (Younger sister)
Introduce Episode 6

Tatsumaki is the S-Class, Rank 2 superhero and the older sister of Fubuki. Tatsumaki is an unimposing lady, ordinarily confused with being a lot more youthful than she truly is. She has an energetic face with wide emerald green eyes and hair that twists up on the closures. She wears a formfitting dark dress with long sleeves and four high-cut leg cuts that hotshot her legs and low-obeyed dark shoes.

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Powers & abilities

Tatsumaki’s power is Psychokinesis. Tatsumaki is the most powerful esper in the series. She is capable of effortlessly stopping a very powerful bombardment attack from Boros’ giant spaceship as well as sending them back at the ship with the same if not more, force. According to manga illustrator Yusuke Murata, Tatsumaki can lift the entirety of Z-City.

Tornado of terror
Tornado of terror


Her clairvoyant capacities in the end prompted her being detracted from her took on family at seven years old by researchers keen on concentrating on her powers. Her folks were given cash for going along. She was tried on by the researchers due to her exceptional powers. They compensated her with candy and toys for collaboration, yet denied her solicitations to head outside.

Besides, the researchers secured her in a cell at whatever point she wouldn’t utilize her powers. a long time back, when she was 10, a beast episode happened while she was as yet secured in a cell, letting her be to battle off the beast. Fortunately, Impact figured out how to act the hero. He then, at that point, acquainted himself with the youthful esper and scrutinized her on why she didn’t utilize her mystic powers to save herself. Tatsumaki addressed that her powers weren’t working, yet blast perceived that she was lying, and cautioned her to not anticipate that anybody should save her later opportunity.

Thoughts on this Character?

She is one of my favorite S-Class hero in “One Punch man” anime series, in Episode 6 we see her first time in the anime, I love the character’s voice also i love her character appearance, and also those comedy short scenes when She gets angry. I really love his character because ts such entertaining. Her powers also Shocked me, like bending spoons which only appears in the manga, holding and throwing huge objects, and such more. It seems that she rarely have a nice personality, yep she teases many people in the anime. 

Tornado of terror
Tornado of terror

Tatsumaki & Saitama

At the point when Tatsumaki sees Saitama in the legend affiliation space interestingly, she thinks S  aitama was moved in there as an error and reqests that he leave. Saitama mixed up her as a lost kid, Genos makes sense of what Tatsumaki do and her d  ata. The two characters chose to move along and Tatsumaki irately advises Saitama to quit overlooking her. During the finish of the outsider attack, Tatsumaki sees Saitama once more and asks why he was in there. She contends numerous things and calls Saitama names, she thinks Saitama is powerless on account of his appearances.


Tatsumaki & Fubuki

Tatsumaki and Fubuki are sisters, the legends that have physic abilities. They aren’t generally near one another, on the grounds that they don’t get along frequently. Presumably due to how solid they are, against one another. Tatsumaki really focuses on Fubuki, they safeguard one another anyway they treat each other with mean characters. In one of One Punch Man’s OVAs, Tatsumaki saved Fubuki and Genos from the train that has a bomb inside. Fubuki figured she could deal with the bomb inside it, however Tatsumaki shows up in rapidly and chose to obliterate it. Fubuki simply needed to take care of her own business and not let Tatsumaki make it happen, in light of areas of strength for how’s powers is and her position.

Tornado of terror
Tornado of terror

What does manga literally mean?

To put it briefly, manga is the Japanese word for comics published in Japan. The word itself is comprised of two characters: man  meaning “whimsical” and ga  meaning “pictures.”

Director of one punch man?

The series was directed by Shingo Natsume at Madhouse and was written by Tomohiro Suzuki. The series also features character design by Chikashi Kubota, who also served as chief animation director, and music by Makoto Miyazaki.


1. Who can beat Saitama?

We are waiting for season 3 and see can gorau defeat saitama or not!

2. How fast is Saitama?

If we calculate this distance over time, Saitama speed comes up at 150 9236 miles per second, which is quite close to the speed of light.

3. Blast one punch man- Who is Saitama father?

the big reveal is that when Saitama finally meets him, he will put two and two together and find out that Blast is his dad.

4. When is one punch man season 3?

the “One-Punch Man” season 3 is released mid of 2024, but the official release date is Not announced.

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